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Steam generators are typically manufactured in ranges from around 150 kg/hr to 8000 kg/hr, the largest sizes being significant plant installations whereas smaller generators can sit in laboratories or in tiny plant rooms. Pressures up to 20 barg are readily available (higher pressures can be achieved), and the boilers can be in vertical or

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Combustion Engineering - History - Merger During the Great Depression, C-E formed a partnerhip with the Superheater Company The Locomotive Superheater Company was founded in 1910 to further the use of superheated steam in locomotives The Superheater Company's primary manufacturing facility was located in East Chicago, Indiana

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Combustion Engineering in Canada. In 1942 when they registered their trademark in Canada their business line was listed as "Steam generating boilers, boiler furnace waterwalls, fuel stokers, air preheaters, economizers, material drying units, and chemical recovery units.". The Canadian Headquarters was in the Dominion Square building in

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Formed in 1914, Combustion Engineering was one of the few companies that advanced the technology of boilers for steam energy. With the acquisition of Combustion Engineering, GE Power delivers a comprehensive service offering and enhanced repair technologies for C-E boilers. Learn more about GE Steam Power boiler services and mills. 1914.

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Marine steam boilers and boiler accessories

Combustion Engineering V2M8 marine steam boilers V2M8 marine steam boiler whose major design features are the gastight waterwall furnace and the vertical in-line inverted U-loop superheater Combustion Engineering V2M9 marine steam boilers The most outstanding feature of the V2M9 marine steam boiler is the combustion

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Combustion Engineering Inc. This fusion-welded drum, tested during 1930, was the first in a series tested at Combustion Engineering Inc. that led to the industrial acceptance of welding for the fabrication of boiler drums. Replacing riveting for steam power plants, electric arc fusion welding permitted increased efficiencies through higher

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