What makes jewellery unique to us? For many women, the quality of the jewellery and its beauty is enough to make it a treasured piece. Other women cherish a piece of jewellery because it holds a precious memory or symbolizes a meaningful bond.
Personally, one of my favorite pieces of jewellery is a locket that belonged to my grandmother. Once opened it contains two pictures, one of my grandfather and one of my grandparents together. I remember her always wearing it around her neck when I was a child. It was as if she was keeping her most beloved husband close to her heart at all times. And she did.
My husband bought me this gorgeous jade bracelet from Suzhou. I love wearing it because it reminds me of him and from this charming city we previously visited together.
Not long ago, I happened across this designer brooch while visiting a handmade night market featuring local artists. Every time I wear it, I remember the ambiance of the summer nights we have here in the French Riviera.
Jewellery occupies a precious place in our lives. It reminds us of special moments and connects us with the people we cherish.

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