Global Luxury Trends

08Jun 2013
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New book on luxury trends with a chapter I co-wrote about the luxury market in China:
"Global Luxury Trends, Innovative Strategies for Emerging Markets",
edited by Palgrave Macmillan, available in hardcover and kindle formats at Amazon.
Books' endorsements:
'I strongly recommend this book, which is clear, well written and very informative for those who want to sharpen the business model of management in the luxury industry.' — Christian Blanckaert, Professor of Management at ESCP-Europe in Paris and Former Executive VP of HERMES International
'A great collection of industry expertise with good-to-go insights from all corners of Planet Luxury.' — Guy Salter, Deputy Chairman, Walpole British Luxury
'Global Luxury Trends is a catalyst of crucial turning points and provides a set of changes in both leadership and focus. A reality check for instant connectivity and new pillars of global relevance.' — Alberto Milani, CEO Buccellati Inc.
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"Luxury Strategy in Action"

Luxury Strategy in Action

31May 2012
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I would like to share with you the launch of a book that contains a chapter I wrote. This book is edited by Palgrave Macmillan and is available in hardcover and kindle formats at Amazon
Books' endorsements:
'The Luxury Industry has dramatically changed over the last 10 years, becoming significantly more complex. Luxury Strategy in Action is a compilation of practical, clear and effective tools to manage luxury goods and services in the 21st century. Written by leading professionals, this book enables the reader to overcome many  preconceived ideas and go straight to the heart of the subject. This book should be essential reading for professionals, students and anyone  who loves Luxury and Fashion.' – Richard Mille, founder and CEO of Richard Mille
'What is racing if not an extreme form of luxury?  Very few people in the world can indulge in such an activity. Racing is  to the automotive world the equivalent of the ultimate luxury item: for a few select, privileged individuals indulging themselves. The extreme  technology, the vivid images, the speed and loud sounds all contribute  to make racing the ultimate automotive experience, and after all aren't  ultimate experiences what luxury is all about? I invite you to take the  extraordinary race in luxury management provided by Luxury Strategy in Action.' – Amato Ferrari, owner of AF Corse – four times FIA GT world champion with Ferrari
'Too often considered as the last link of the chain, the distribution channel remains the success key for luxury products. You can have the  best products, the best communication, but if you don't have the right  channel to the consumer, the rest is useless. Moreover distribution is  no longer just a window but also a communication leverage for the brand  image and environment. Luxury Strategy in Action is a must read from this perspective.' – Manuel Mallen, CEO, Baume & Mercier, France